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Its your data. Keep it with you.

  • Handy
  • Reusable
  • Secure
  • In your control
  • Free

When you wish, transmit your data from your devices directly to merchants. No need to retype, a single click gets your data to your merchant; change it if needed, submit and get your business done.

intrep-id™ (pronounced intrepid) eliminates frustration and wasted time, and helps you do business on your terms.


Why Intrep-id

Because there are better things to do with your time than filling the same forms repeatedly. 5 minutes each form adds up over a year.

Because Intrepid data exchange is precise, detailed, error-free and up-to-date. No need for any AI to guess incorrectly at your preferences when your Intrepid contains the needed detail.

Because Intrepid data exchange is secure and authenticated. All encrypted Intrepids are decrypted only after their use is authenticated using a one-time password by email or text.

Because Intrepids can handle a wide variety of your data. Although form fillers are able to handle name/address/CC information, they are incapable of handling the wide variety of sensitive data you repeatedly exchange in your daily life.

Because you will not want to trust 3rd parties, browser companies, and other intermediaries with this sensitive data.

Because you want to minimize copies of your data in the cloud that makes your data more vulnerable to being stolen or hacked or used illegally without you even knowing about it.

Because you want to be in control of your data. puts you in control

  • Your personal data resides only in your possession on your devices.
  • Only you can get your data where it needs to be.
  • lets you do it in a single click.
  • lets you reuse your data smoothly, without wasting your time.
  • assists you only in creating and using your intrepids. certifies that all user data is purged from after each use.
  • To repeat, does not store ANY of your data. It is used for the transaction and purged. What is not stored, cannot be hacked or stolen.
  • It is very difficult for hackers and thieves to steal your data as they would need your permission to decrypt your stolen Intrepids. Their gains will usually not justify the effort spent.
  • Intrepid reduces the need for cookies, and the need to trade your privacy for convenience.

What Intrep-id isn't

  • Intrepid is not (merely) a form filler. It is much more than that. Your data, made structured and reusable by Intrepids, enables many customer focused service and support applications.
  • Intrepid is not (merely) a password manager. While a "credentials" Intrepid is available and can be used without having to remember passwords, many applications can authenticate you simply by the use of their intrepid.
  • Intrepid does not do away with your merchant accounts at places where you do business. Intrepids simply get you to this legitimate and useful data quickly.
  • Intrepid is not a 3rd Party intermediary. facilitates Intrepid data exchange but your user data is purged when the exchange is completed. No user data is retained at
  • cannot control what your merchant will do with your data, its your responsibility to review their data policies. In this limitation, Intrep-id is no worse than the current state of the art.

How does it work

An Intrepid is a file that you create and store on your device. It contains your data in a format that enables subsequent reuse by simply uploading it into an Intrep-id compatible form. You can have many Intrepids that contain your data specific to an application. Unencrypted Intrepids can be viewed as a text file. Encrypted Intrepids can be decrypted and viewed on

How Intrepids are created - Two ways. At User's merchant site or at

How Intrepids are used


Data Security is one of the most important features of Intrepids.

  • Distributed data storage in individual devices
  • Keyless Encryption
  • Transactional "Use and Purge" model
  • Two factor transaction confirmation
  • https Transmission
  • Resistant to tampering and trojan horses


Free to consumers. Get Involved if you like the idea of being in control of your own data.

Business - To benefit from widespread adoption of Intrepids, please visit Intrep-ID For Business.

Get started?

For Consumers - Which Intrepid would you like to get today? Visit the Microsite below.

Business - Integrate one or more Intrepids in your business processes.

Intrepids Currently In Use

Name Current Version Taxonomy Purpose
Air Travel Reservation V1 Travel.Air.Air Travel Reservation Air Travel Reservation Intrepid contains your booking information and helps airlines provide quick travel support when you need it.
Autopay v1 Personal Data.PurchaseInfo.Autopay An Autopay Intrepid captures information related to a specific consumer autopay. It enables the consumer to review and make changes to the Autopay instructions.
Bank Account V1 Personal Data.Personal Possessions.Bank Account This Intrepid captures the data associated with a bank account.
BankDebit v1 Business Data.Business Info.BankDebit Bank Debit Intrepids are used by businesses (typically) for business to government payments.
BusinessCard v1 Business Data.Business Info.BusinessCard The Resume Intrepid enables professionals to capture their current business contact information in a structured format. This information can then be transmitted to business contacts or other business applications who need to know the details of your employment.
CCPA Directive v1 Personal Data.CCPA Directive The CCPA Data Preferences Intrepid enables California (and presumably the entire US) consumers to capture and disseminate their data preferences to businesses.
Company Info v1 Business Data.Business Info.Company Info This Intrepid is used to exchange a firm's basic information with other businesses and government entities.
Covid Passport V1 Personal Data.Personal Attributes.Covid Passport The page provides a simple demo of how a Covid 19 Passport could work. We assume there is a trusted verification authority (TVA) that receives vaccination data. The TVA sends the C19 Passport data to which encrypts it and sends it to the user. When the user is asked to present their passport at a Receiving Authority (RA), they submit their C19 Passport Intrepid. The Intrepid is decrypted by intrep-id and the data provided to the RA. RA forwards the data to TVA. TVA matches the information in its database and provides a simple answer, verified or unverified.
Credit Card Info v1 Personal Possessions.Credit Card.Credit Card Info The Credit Card Intrepid is used by consumers and business users to rapidly pay for online purchases
Donation Profile v1 Personal Data.Personal Attributes.Donation Profile Donation Profile (DP) Intrepids are used to make your donations easier. You create yours once with your donation information, your preferences and the payment mechanism. From then on you upload your DP to your cause or at, specify the amount and click send. Your data is unpacked from the DP, payment collected and the information and data forwarded to your recipient.
Drivers License V1 Personal Data.Personal Attributes.Drivers License This Intrepid contains your Driver's license info and can be used where ever you need to provide your DL.
GDPR Directive v1 Personal Data.GDPR Directive Consumers use this Intrepid to convey their GDPR conformant privacy preferences to businesses.
Health Profile v1 Personal Data.Personal Attributes.Health Profile Consumers use their Health Profile Intrepid to deliver their health profile to their healthcare providers. Instead of filling out this lengthy form each time, they can create it once and simply upload it to their provider website.
Home Data V1.0 Personal Possessions.Home.Home Data The Home Data Intrepid captures the description of your house so your home description can be used in Home Insurance, Resale and Property Tax applications.
Invoice Intrepid V1 Business Data.Business Info.Invoice Intrepid This page enables a vendor to create an Invoice Intrepid to send to a customer. When fully implemented, we expect this to be part of various accounting systems.
Login V1 Personal Data.Personal Contact Info.Login Login Intrepids help you login into your accounts. Create as many Intrepids with arbitrary passwords as you want; you will never need to type these in once they are created.
Personal Contact Info v1 Personal Data.Personal Contact Info.Personal Contact Info Consumers and users create the Personal Info Intrepid to provide their personal information such as name, address, phones, email. into forms that require this data from them.
Personal Health Profile v1 Personal Data.Personal Attributes.Personal Health Profile Consumers use their Health Profile Intrepid to deliver their health profile to their healthcare providers. Instead of filling out this lengthy form each time, they can create it once and simply upload it to their provider website.
Product Service Receipt Info V1 PurchaseInfo.Receipts.Product Service Receipt Info The Product/Service Purchase and Support Intrepid enables businesses to send an electronic receipt and support request data to a purchaser of their product /service. Purchasers use these Intrepids as records of their transaction.
Product Support Info V1 PurchaseInfo.Support.Product Support Info The Product Support Intrepid enables businesses to send an electronic receipt and support request data to a purchaser/member of their product /service. Purchasers or members use these Intrepids as records of their transaction and to request support on the same.
Resume 1.0 Personal Data.Personal Attributes.Resume The Resume Intrepid enables job seekers to capture all their bio, CV, employment information and other professional data in a structured format. When needed by recruiters, publications, and other professional business partners, the resume data can be provided easily and rapidly by the owner. The structured data can then be used easily by the recipient for whatever purpose mutually agreed upon.
TravelProfile v1 Personal Data.Personal Attributes.TravelProfile The Travel Profile Intrepid is used by individuals to optimize travel for themselves and their families or travel companions.
TX CPA WebFile v1 State Information.Agency Forms.TX CPA WebFile The WebFile Intrepid is used by Texas businesses to quickly and conveniently pay periodic taxes.
TX RRC Production Report v1 State Information.Agency Forms.TX RRC Production Report The TX RRC Production Report Intrepid enables Texas Operators and their Agents to quickly file their monthly reports with the RRC, with minimum typing and rapid reuse of data.
TX Vehicle Reg Renewal v1 Personal Possessions.Vehicle.TX Vehicle Reg Renewal The TX Vehicle registration Intrepid, when combined with other Intrepids you may already have, will enable you to complete your registration renewal by simply uploading your Intrepids.
Vehicle Information v1 Personal Possessions.Vehicle.Vehicle Information This Intrepid is used to convey your vehicle information to a business or government agency

Family of Intrepid Applications

  • NoCallSupport - a new support paradigm for products and services
  • SaveTimeTX - a new way to work with State agencies
  • MyDataPrefs - communicating your data use preferences to businesses
  • FixMyAutoPay - coming soon. What the name says.
  • Watch this space for many more. Intrepids put customers in charge and enable the creation of may applications to delight them.